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Father Gets 7 Years For Threatening Daughter’s Black BF With Death Via ‘Wanted’ Posters 0


​Imagine being this guy's daughter and having to tell your new black boyfriend about him: Um, he's a nice guy. He cares about me a lot. He's just a little overprotective. And, uh, oh yeah, he'll kill you if he sees us together. Southern California's Domingos Jose Oliveira was sentenced this week to seven years behind ...

Employees Busted Watching Porn at Work 0


Americans want to bring their mobile devices to work. What they do with them when they get there is another story. According to a recent survey by Harris Interactive on behalf of Qumu, a business video platform provider, 61 percent of Americans who are online think that companies should allow employees to use whatever mobile device ...

Inmate Says Porn Ban in Prison is Unconstitutional 0


A Michigan jail inmate says he's being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment because he can't have pornography. In a handwritten lawsuit, 21-year-old Kyle Richards claims his civil rights are being violated at the Macomb County Jail. Richards says denying his request for erotic material subjects him to a "poor standard of living" and "sexual and ...

Buy Diabetes Increasing “Mega Jug” of Soda From KFC and Support Diabetes Research (WTF) 1


"A KFC franchise in Utah is asking customers to help fight diabetes — by purchasing an 800-calorie Mega Jug of sugary soda to wash down their meals. For every $2.99 half-gallon drink it sells, the chicken restaurant promises to give $1 to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). The promotion has drawn criticism from anti-obesity ...

Gay Couple Kicked Out of Public Pool… Because The Bible Says So 0


"Earlier this week, a disabled gay couple were kicked out of a public pool in Hazard, Kentucky. A staff member at the Hazard Pavilion recreation center told the two men and their aids that they needed to leave because "'gay people' weren't allowed to swim there." And why not? Apparently, because "it's in the Bible." The ...

Strip Club Tries To Evade Taxes… Says “Lap Dances Are Tax Exempt” 2


"Do you consider a night at your local strip club to be an experience on par, artistically, with a trip to the local ballet? Relax, tough guy, we’re not asking if you actually go to the ballet. We’re just asking if you think the two performances feature the same level of artistry? It might seem like ...

First Truthers, Then Birthers, Now DEATHERS. The Osama Ain’t Dead Believers Exposed! 0


Oh boy. Here we go again. We all saw this coming. The political players on the far-right never believe anything said or done by the Democrats. And just as Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin jumped on the “Tea Party Express,” and Donald Trump jumped on the “Birther Bandwagon,” a new Republican representative is jumping on ...

CNET Accused of Copyright Infringement for Distributing LimeWire 4


CBS Interactive; owner of (formerly is being accused of directly profiting off of the distribution of Limewire. Limewire as I'm sure you know has been shut down for almost a year after the Federal Government launched a suit against them in association with top-industry hip hop artists and the RIAA. (Recording Industry Association ...

New York City Plans to Ban Toys in Kids’ Fast Food Meals 6

McDonalds Logo 1

New York City is planning to follow in the foot steps of San Francisco by banning toys in kids meals at fast food restaurants in an attempt to make the restaurants less appealing to children. The agenda behind this is rooted in decreasing the childhood obesity rate. I can't believe how ridiculous this is. It pisses ...

Rutgers University Pays Snooki $32,000 to Give Speech About Partying 0


As if I didn't need yet another reason to despise so-called "Higher Education," Rutgers University paid Jersey Shore Reality Show star, slut, actress, or whatever she's supposed to be... $32,000 to take part in a Q&A discussion about Partying in college. This utterly disgusts me! Especially under the circumstances that this chick didn't even go ...

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