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Fiscal Cliff 2013 Tax Increases 0


YOUR TAXES WILL INCREASE! The Bush-era tax cuts have expired! That's what everyone is in a frenzy about right? How does this ACTUALLY affect the average person??? Everyone will receive a 2% payroll tax increase that is paid until you’ve reached the wage limit: $113,700. Income in excess of this amount is not subject to this ...

The 400 Richest Americans Pay An 18% Tax Rate While The Rest of Us Pay 30% Plus 0


"The 400 richest Americans used to pay 30% of their income on the average to Uncle Sam. Today, they pay 18% on the average, according to Steve Rattner, a Wall Street financier, who just presented these figures on Mornings With Joe,MSNBC. The main reason for the drop in their tax rate of some 40% is the ...

Apple, Google, and Microsoft Blackmail the Government to Avoid Paying Taxes 2


America’s largest global corporations are holding $1.5 trillion dollars in profits overseas in order to avoid US taxes. “Apple has $12 billion waiting offshore, Google has $17 billion and Microsoft, $29 billion,” reports the New York Times. These corporations claim that if we reduce their tax rate on that cash from 35 percent to 5.25 percent ...

Strip Club Tries To Evade Taxes… Says “Lap Dances Are Tax Exempt” 2


"Do you consider a night at your local strip club to be an experience on par, artistically, with a trip to the local ballet? Relax, tough guy, we’re not asking if you actually go to the ballet. We’re just asking if you think the two performances feature the same level of artistry? It might seem like ...

Corporate Taxes | 1955 vs. 2010 [INFO-GRAPHIC] 0


It utterly disgusts me and pisses me off to see that throughout the years the tax burden continues to shift worse and worse from businesses to individuals. What REALLY pisses me off is the politicians who have manipulated half of America into believing that corporations should pay less because it incentivizes them not to cheat ...

Senate Blocks Bill to Repeal $2 Billion in Big Oil Tax Breaks 2


"The Senate blocked a bill Tuesday that would repeal about $2 billion a year in tax breaks for the five biggest oil companies, a Democratic response to $4-a-gallon gasoline that might fare better when Congress and the White House negotiate a deal later this year to increase the government's ability to borrow. The bill was defeated ...

How Corporations Get Away With Not Paying Taxes [INFO-GRAPHIC] 0

How Corporations Get Out of Paying Taxes

Ever wonder how corporations like Google, Microsoft, GE, and Exxon Mobile get away with escaping taxes while the rest of us keep getting tax increases? Well this info-graphic explains it all. Enjoy this info-graphic and try not to get too pissed off as you realize the travesty of this ridiculous scam. Information provided by: OnlineMBA

Should America Place a Heavier Tax On The Super-Rich? 0


Absolutely! Not because I want to punish them because I’m pissed that I have to pay 35% in income taxes while their loopholes allow them to get away with only paying 15%. I believe we should tax the super rich heavier to the extent of everyone else’s tax rate. Why isn’t there a flat tax in ...

How to Avoid Paying Taxes – John Ramsey [VIDEO] 0

John Ramsey

Tax season sucks right? It takes so much time not to mention you have to give the Government even more of your hard earned money. With two days left before taxes are due, I thought you could use a bit of laughter. Comedian John Ramsey tells you how to avoid paying taxes. Check this out:

Top Tax Scams To Avoid [VIDEO] 0


Walletpop published a great article outlining some of the top IRS tax scams to avoid during this tax season. If you haven't filed your income taxes yet, you better get a move on it. There's only 2 days left! Among the featured scams to avoid, Walletpop mentioned the IRS Form Schedule C deductions. People filing with ...

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