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Elephant Draws Pictures and Plays Guitar on Smartphone [VIDEO] 0

Elephant Draws Pictures and Plays Guitar on Smartphone [VIDEO]

This is incredible! I'm assuming there's no camera tricks, but you never know. This is a REALLY clever way for Samsung to introduce their new device. Kudos Samsung for releasing a promotional vid with creativity.

The Dark Knight Rises Photo and Video Leaks 0

Dark Knight Rises Leak 1

I don't about you but I can't wait one full year to see The Dark Knight Rises. Thanks to these leaks, we can get a little sample here and there. Enjoy!

Stripper Car Washes… Coming to a City Near You! [VIDEO] 2

stripper car wash

A local strip club in Denver, Colorado hosted a car wash. I wasn't aware this was legal although I must admit it's a good business idea. It's sleazy but from a cash cow perspective, I can see tons of dirty men coming in to get washed. (Not them... Their cars) A group of local Denver city ...

Suicidal Man Saved After Policemen Give Him a Wedgie [VIDEO] 0


The wedgie has for a long time been the prank of choice for schoolyard bullies -- but it was recently use as a life saving technique by police in LA. Wait, what? Officers had been called out to reports of a distraught man who was planning to kill himself by jumping off the 13th floor of ...

TSA Beat Girl at Airport Causing a Concussion! Caught on Camera! [VIDEO] 0


TSA police attack and beat an unsuspecting woman at Reagan National Airport, by first tossing her across the room and then smashing her head into a table and giving her a concussion. - Source: I'm getting so sick and tired of hearing about the TSA molesting little kids, making old women strip naked, and now... BEATING ...

Obama Rejects Republicans Debt Relief (Ceiling) Plan [VIDEO] 0


Last night President Obama addressed the world on live television to send the Republicans a clear message... He rejects their debt relief plan. Rather you agree with Obama or not, his speech was very compelling and believable. His speech spoke to the core of the issue we face and the way in which it has ...

Sarah Palin Documentary Bombs at Box Office | Makes a Mere $1,000 a Day 2


"The Undefeated, the much-hyped Sarah Palin documentary, bombed during its second week in theaters, bringing in just $24,000 in ticket sales across 14 theaters. I can picture writers scrambling to edit rooms to retitle the documentary to ‘The Defeated’. According to the industry website, Box office Mojo, the movie’s per theater average plummeted from $6,513 to $1,713. ...

Marijuana Will Officially NOT Be Legalized [VIDEO] 0

Marijuana Legal

For those of you who were hoping that the Federal Government would legalize marijuana, think again. The Department of Justice has taken a stand to officially NOT legalize marijuana. They say marijuana has no medical use and is highly abused. To that I say... Alcohol has no medical use and it is also highly abused, but that ...

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Reveals That Batman Will DIE! [VIDEO] 0

The Dark Knight

I'm not blowing smoke up your ass with this catchy headline. Watch the official trailer and notice that the very end of the video says: THE EPIC CONCLUSION. Conclusion means one thing... The end! I suspect that this could mean Batman dies. One thing that is absolutely certain is that the director of the current Dark Knight ...

Facebook Announces Skype Video Calling | This Will Fail! 0


Yesterday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new "awesome" Facebook feature he mentioned to the media last week. It's Skype video calling enabled with Facebook. A lot of people may disagree with me, but I think this is a bad idea. Every Facebook user I know uses Facebook periodically throughout the day to quickly see what ...

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