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Elephant Draws Pictures and Plays Guitar on Smartphone [VIDEO] 0

Elephant Draws Pictures and Plays Guitar on Smartphone [VIDEO]

This is incredible! I'm assuming there's no camera tricks, but you never know. This is a REALLY clever way for Samsung to introduce their new device. Kudos Samsung for releasing a promotional vid with creativity.

Dumbass Kid Falls 20-Feet Off Escalator [VIDEO] 2


According to news reports, this 18-year old kid (Shane O'Malley) was apparently drunk. Serves him right to fall off an escalator when you're that stupid. Sources say he walked away with just a fractured elbow. That's not too bad considering he fell 20 feet to the ground. - Michael Price

Lady Breaks Watermelon in Half With Her BOOBS! [VIDEO] 0

Watermelon Boobs

I'm officially freaked out. How did those watermelons not crush her boobs?!?! It's kind of sad but I think her boobs won this battle because they were significantly bigger than the watermelons. This gives the term "melons" when referred to boobs as a whole new meaning. I think the funniest part is when part of ...

Delta Loses Man’s Suitcase; Later Finds it Pissed in by an Employee [VIDEO] 0


"This guy got to his destination only to find his suitcase had taken a detour. Crappy, but not so unusual. However, when Delta finally located the bag and delivered it to the passenger’s hotel, he found his aftershave stolen, his clothes damp, and the stench of urine permeating everything." - Source: Talk about bad P.R. This story ...

Guy Builds Full Blown Iron Man MK-1 Costume [VIDEO] 0

Iron Man

Is this not the coolest thing you've ever seen? I wonder how he built this? it's so life-like. It looks like the real thing from the movie. What would you do if you saw this thing walking down the street? - Michael Priceless

The Trash Bag Toilet… You GOTTA See This! [VIDEO] 0

Trash Can Crapper

You won't be able to understand the audio in this video (unless you speak Japanese) but the visual is good enough to understand what's going on here. Maybe I'm just culturally biased and culturally ignorant, but why the heck would you use a trash bag to use the bathroom in? This just doesn't make sense.

Lego Machine Gun That Actually WORKS!!! [VIDEO] 0

Lego Machine Gun

Where the heck was this lego set when I was a kid? I've been screwed! This is the coolest thing ever! If this person has a brain they will sell the instructions to this. I'd certainly buy it.

Miami Panhandler Makes World’s Most Ingenious Begging Sign [VIDEO] 0

Homeless Liar

I think this video, while it's funny... Is further proof that a majority of so-called "homeless people" aren't really homeless and are instead just being pimped out by choice. Think about it... Why does every homeless person have a cardboard sign? Where did they get the cardboard and sharpie from? It's far too usual for me ...

The Scariest Flight EVER! [VIDEO] 0

Scary Plane

This is the scariest s**t I have ever seen! If you are afraid of flying... This video will TERRIFY you!

How to Get The Baby Phone Toy to Curse [VIDEO] 0

Cursing Phone

I feel totally immature for posting this but I just couldn't help myself. It's hilarious! I want to meet the person who figured this out. He must really have too much free time.

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