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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Reveals That Batman Will DIE! [VIDEO] 0

I’m not blowing smoke up your ass with this catchy headline. Watch the official trailer and notice that the very end of the video says: THE EPIC CONCLUSION.

Conclusion means one thing… The end!

I suspect that this could mean Batman dies. One thing that is absolutely certain is that the director of the current Dark Knight movies Christopher Nolan; has confirmed that he is no longer filming any more of The Dark Knight Movies. Christian Bale has also confirmed that he is not going to play Batman anymore.

It is HIGHLY unlikely that another production group will try to continue this series without the direction of Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale playing Batman.

Maybe I’m just being dramatic, but I think Batman could be dying in this final flick. What do you think? Let me know by commenting below.

- Michael Priceless

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