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Since mid-terms passed and Obama made his deal with the Republicans to keep the Bush Tax Cuts in exchange for extending unemployment benefits, I’ve been doing a lot of research to uncover the truth about Taxes.

What I discovered was shocking!

Have you ever once thought about the way our tax system really functions or have you been led down the puppet string P.R. from Democrats and Republicans? The Democrats will try to justify increasing taxes to increase our social well-being. The Republicans argue against tax increases because it takes money away from hard-working Americans.

Are you aware of the relationship between taxes and inflation? If not, you have no idea what lies you have been made to believe were true. What I’ve uncovered about the U.S. tax system may not be new news to all, but to most it will be.

Over the past two years I’ve seen similarities between the Republicans and Democrats that truly frighten me. As I’ve analyzed the policies and end-results of both parties throughout the years, I’ve realized that they generally always come to the same conclusion. The only difference is the person each parties’ policies benefit.

When you think about, is there really any difference in allowing wealthy Americans to keep their tax loopholes or allowing middle-class Americans to receive continual extension of unemployment benefits? Of course there’s no difference. That’s why both parties sang and rejoiced after Obama’s recent deal he made to keep the Bush Tax Cuts and extend unemployment.

The central similarity is that both parties are straining our deficit further by keeping money from flowing in the proper direction. The Republicans want their demographic to be free from putting money in and the Democrats want their demographic to able to keep taking money out.

The end result is the same.

I can beat that issue into the ground all day long, but for now I’ll move on. In case you haven’t noticed… s**t has gotten really expensive recently. Food prices are increasing. Gas prices are increasing. Healthcare costs are increasing. Education costs are increasing. Etc.

Do you ever stop to think why this happens? It happens because of the direct relationship that taxes has with inflation. Many economists may try to reject my theory. But my theory is based upon Government spending and income tax rates.

It’s never sexy for a Presidential administration to increase taxes, which is why we haven’t seen it in the last two administrations. So where then does the money come to fund Bush’s wars and Obama’s healthcare plan? Your first thought is tax payers and foreign loans right? Well… Kind of. Except that we haven’t had an income tax rate increase during the last two administrations.

It has become standard in times of economic stress, for citizens to be most concerned about taxes. Since it’s a completely unpopular notion to increase taxes, the government then results to inflation. They purposely inflate the cost of our goods, while also decreasing the value of the dollar. This allows a full fledged screw over of our citizens and our country’s debt collectors.

For us as citizens, we pay the price of an increase cost of goods. For our country’s debt collectors like China, they get screwed by the value of their loan being reduced based on the rate of our currency intentionally decreasing.

That’s a pretty good scam right?

So what does all this mean and why is it important?

I wrote this post because I think it’s vitally important for us as citizens to wake up and realize the reality of the conflict we are in. I am so sick of people voting for elected officials based on their race, age, gender, or political party.

No longer can we trust (or ever could trust) the Democrats to take our money for social change benefits, and no longer can we allow Republicans to hold the “less taxes” banner.

We need to wake up and focus on the facts. Things are not as they appear to be.

That’s my perspective. What is yours?

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