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TX Governor Rick Perry Announces Himself as “The Prophet” [VIDEO] 0


“In the past week, rumors that Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) will toss his cowboy hat in the ring to vie for the Republican presidential nomination have reached a crescendo. Several political analysts even said Perry, who has not announced a candidacy and did not participate in yesterday’s GOP debate, nevertheless emerged as a “winner” last night. In his first national TV interview since presidential rumors surfaced, Perry answered Fox News’ Neil Cavuto question about why he’s so unpopular in his home state by suggesting he’s a “prophet”:

CAVUTO: You have kind of like the Chris Christie phenomenon: very popular outside your state, still popular but not nearly as popular within your state. There are even Tea Party groups within your state who like you but don’t love you. [...] What do you say?

PERRY: I say that a prophet is generally not loved in their hometown. That’s both Biblical and practical.

As the state’s longest serving governor in history, Perry has faced persistently low approval ratings as he’s pushed through a radical right-wing agenda that has left Texas with a record budget deficit, the third highest poverty rate in the country, and the highest percentage of uninsured residents in the country. As Think Progress has documented, Perry has a history of ducking tough questions by invoking religion, and has suggested in the past that he’s just implementing God’s will on Earth through his irresponsible governance. Perry may be answering Republicans’ prayers if he enters the race, but it’s still pretty self-aggrandizing to call himself a prophet.”

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What a jackass! As a Texan, I personally hate Rick Perry. He’s given free range control to a private company (NTTA) to completely privatize the highway system in many parts of North Texas. As a result, Texans continually face escalating tollway fees just so we can f**king drive to and from work.

It’s RIDICULOUS! To make matters worse… The tollways that are constantly being constructed are only being thrown up in the suburbs amongst cities with high-range average incomes.

It’s the whole “steal from the rich and give to the poor mentality.” Or in this case… “Steal from the upper middle class and give to the NTTA and Rick Perry.”

It’s no surprise that people from outside of Texas love him. These outsiders don’t know who this guy really is. All they see is a television personality. They have no idea what kind of policies he’s pushed through Texas.

He’s likeably though because he has that Southern charm and persona that old people seem to like and admire. It’s that same charm that got George W. Bush elected.

We all see how that story ended up… WAKE UP AMERICA! Don’t do it again!

- Michael Priceless

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