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Why Americans Hate Mexicans 54

I published a blog post a couple weeks ago entitled: Immigration Reform… Is It Justice or Racist? In the post I discussed both sides of the immigration debate. This issue since then has only gotten bigger, as the federal government has STILL not taken action to do anything to solve the immigration issue.

Immigration was once an issue that primarily only affected border states like California, Arizona, and Texas, but now since Arizona has begun cracking down on illegal immigrants and the federal government failed to take action, illegal Mexican immigrants have now dispersed across the entire country reaching places as far as Rhode Island.

Now a problem that was once confined to border states is now a national crisis.

In situations so hotly contested like immigration reform, it becomes so easy for politicians to point the finger at the opposite party and then rally their troops of constituents who don’t know their left from their right, but who yet still take a side on which party is to blame, although they have no insight into the history behind the issue.

The biggest issue in America we’re facing is the lack of division between both the Democrats and the Republicans. It seems they’re both the same political party. They both get nothing done and they both trade blame for allowing problems not to be solved.

Many Republicans parade around thinking their party is the leader in cracking down on illegal immigration, yet their fearless and all mighty leader President Reagan is largely to blame for his 1986 amnesty legislation bill. That’s right, Ronald Reagan wanted to allow illegal Mexican immigrants automatic amnesty, as did George W.

President Ronald Reagan signed that bill into law with great fanfare amid promises that it would grant legal status to illegal immigrants, crack down on employers who hired illegal workers and secure the border once and for all. Instead, fraudulent applications tainted the process, many employers continued their illicit hiring practices, and illegal immigration surged.

Source: NY Times

So Why Do Americans Hate Mexicans?

As a citizen of a border state, I know first hand the feelings of discontent Americans have with Mexicans. The racial overtones can be heard and felt from a mile away. Now before you dub me or the state in which I reside as racist, realize I’m not delivering hatred. I’m diagnosing the reason it exists.

What I am about to discuss is something I hope elicits real intellectual thought. It’s something you can discuss with your family, co-workers, and associates.

Under the false feelings of what the media dubs as racist, is really a fear of America losing it’s core values and way of life. Which brings me to my thesis.

Three years ago, I experienced first hand an issue that many people in the south and now throughout the country are faced with. I was denied a job because I wasn’t bilingual and fluent in Spanish. That’s right!

In America where our national language is English, I was denied a job because I couldn’t speak the language of a foreign country. This feeling stayed with me throughout the years and since then, these related issues have just gotten worse.

Issues similar to what I faced are what people mean when they say, “they want to take their country back.” This seems to be the mantra of The Tea Party, and while I’m not a fan, I do understand the feeling of wanting to take back America and restore the harmony that makes this country so great. Such as forcing people to abide by the law; and being a legal citizen is abiding by the law. Those not legal, must face punishment.

When I talk to people about their feelings of discontent and hatred of Mexicans it is often related to the belief that illegal Mexican immigrants haven’t earned their right to live in our society. They choose not to learn our language, therefore forcing legal American citizens to learn the language of foreigners so that we can get jobs in our country, and they simply haven’t earned their stripes.

Look at every minority group across multiple different societies across the globe that were willing to fight for their rights in their country to live the life that they deserved.

In the 1960′s, blacks fought for their rights and their freedom in their country: America

In the early 1900′s, Mahatma Gandhi led a revolution against Britain to gain their rights in freedoms in their country: India

Do you see the problem here?

Illegal Mexican immigrants have this belief that they can come to another country and claim the rights of citizens although they are not citizens.

Why do Mexican immigrants believe they have the right to make America better for Mexicans? Why can’t they make Mexico better for Mexicans?

During the American Civil Rights Movement, blacks were willing to be jailed, beaten, and killed to take a stand for their beliefs and rights in their country, as did the Indian citizens who led the revolution with Mahatma Gandhi.

If Mexicans ever want to better themselves, they must adopt the belief that they deserve to live the life they see fit in their country of citizenship. They must take a stance against the corrupt government as did other great leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandi.

No great reward comes without a great risk. Mexicans must be willing to take the risk to gain the reward of the life they deserve in their country.

I wrote this blog post, because I see the spin of hatred that the media and politicians try to use to manipulate and influence our beliefs when many people don’t have any understanding of why they have their beliefs. This simple-minded belief system has to change.

The immigration issue isn’t about racism and it really isn’t about hatred. It’s about a feeling that many Americans don’t know how to intelligently express which is that freedom and rights aren’t free and they are not deserved by those who are not citizens of a country in which they demand liberties that aren’t owed to them.

There IS a solution to the real problem we as Americans and Mexicans face and it’s not about immigration. It’s about Mexicans taking a stance to fight for their rights in their country to better their country and their people.

Mexicans need a leader, just as blacks had Martin Luther King Jr. and Indians had Mahatma Gandi, Mexicans need a leader to led their country into a revolution. Who will take the platform?

If we’re going to grow intellectually as a society, we must have intellectual conversations about our beliefs, only then can we get past our simple-minded belief systems.

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  1. Kevin Crawford says:

    Hey Michael, good piece of work here! Been saying the same thing but not as nicely, “Go Home and Clean up Your Own Country”. Not many on the Left are willing to put it as blunt as you or I have, but more and more of the people on the streets are waking up to this issue. So keep up the good work and keep the common sense articles coming!

    Kevin Crawford


    Ryan Reply:

    That is well said. Pointing out the disease in the community is not wrong and a healthy practice.
    I am legal immigrant who travelled the world looking for an opportunity of improvement, in Germany you speak English and the people answer you in Duetch, in Russia they require you to learn the language before your application been looked at,
    But here in the states the land of freedom, you have to speak foreign language to be employed in an English speaking country.
    Do you believe that I am a Registered Nurse who have 12 years experience in level 1 trauma centers and can’t find a job simply because I don’t speak Spanish , and what makes me sad is that I went into discussion with Mexican decent nurse more than once, who are practicing an old dates low standard health services, and giving them the up to date US reference faced with unpolite answer. How can USA claim the highest level of healthcare standard with this massive bias and control by Mexican, not only that, I even applied for medi-cal and got rejected because after 2 years in the states I should be working and having income while others are enjoying the service and not paying taxes because they don’t declare the right income. I don’t know how I am gonna work if the hiring managers , social service officers are biased by their origin?


  2. Hello Kevin,
    Nothing makes me more excited than to see that people are not only reading my blog posts, but they are actually taking the time to comment on them!

    I’m glad to see that someone agrees with what I have to say and has the courage to stand up and say what they believe.

    So far this post has 46 “Likes” on Facebook, so people definitely like it. Let’s keep the comments rolling.


  3. Coyote says:

    The reference to race isn’t accurate, since Mexicans are a national group (parallel to Canadians, for example), and not a racial group, and anyone of any race can be Mexican. That said, the majority of immigrants from southern Mexico and Central America are Native Indian, which is why it’s so amusing to here European whites call them “illegal aliens.”


    Juan P. Reply:

    Sounds like a melting pot to me….'s_ethnicity


  4. Coyote…
    First of all just because you live in Mexico or are a Mexican citizen doesn’t mean you’re a Mexican as you’ve tried to say.

    If an anglo moves to Mexico and becomes a citizen, it will not be accepted for him to think of himself as a “Mexican” just because he’s in the “nation” of Mexico.

    If this were the case, Mexicans wouldn’t call Americans “Gringos.”

    Mexicans are absolutely “Mexicans.” It’s preposterous to think otherwise.

    We’re no longer living in the middle ages in which “race mixing” was uncommon. If you deny that Mexicans aren’t Mexicans, then you must deny that no one has an ethnic tie to their country.

    The only real country in which the people stated aren’t the ethnicity of the country of their origin is America. This is obviously because there’s no real such think as an American, because we’re a melting pot of multiple racial backgrounds and no one in America is indigenous except for the Native Americans.

    Also, your ethnicity history is completely false. “Mexicans” are a combined ethnicity of Native Americans and Spaniards. When Spain discovered America, many Spanish and Native Americans became involved with one another breeding a new intermixed race now known as modern day Mexicans. This is why Mexicans speak Spanish as opposed to Native American dialects.

    And in fact, the dialect of Spanish spoken by Mexicans today is actually a 15th century dialect that was spoken in the late 14 hundreds when Spain “discovered” America. This is the reason why the Spanish spoken by Mexicans and Spaniards is slightly different and has a different accent.


    June Reply:

    Mexican is a nationality (the status of belonging to a particular nation by origin, birth, or naturalization) which means a person from Canada could relocate to Mexico and apply for citizenship, becoming a MEXICAN.

    By the way, Native Americans came from Asia supposedly through the Bearing Straight. A land bridge that connected Eastern Russia to North America.

    AND honey were all mixed. We have complicated DNA.


  5. Cori says:

    Fabulous, fabulous! I am doing a college final on a social problem and I chose to do illegal mexican immigration and why Americans have such a problem with it. By googling some key words I came up with your page. I wholeheartedly agree with your position and will reference your points in my paper!


  6. Cori,
    I’m thrilled that you found some substance in my post and that you were able to apply it towards your paper. That’s fantastic!


  7. Adrian says:

    A racial group is any group of people you can classify, they don’t just have to be a massive group like blacks/ whites.
    I’m pretty sure Mexicans are mostly of Spanish descent as well.
    @Michael, fabulous article, well written and good points raised!


  8. @Adrian:
    Thank you for reading and commenting on this post. I’m glad you liked it.


  9. Mikey says:

    I really enjoyed the article because you make some really good points that I agree whole-heartedly with. Points that really go over the heads of some people just because they say things like “America was made by immigrants!”.

    As someone who was born in America but with parents from Mexico who worked hard to become citizens the right way, it’s really annoying to see people coming over here and just having everything handed to them via welfare. I used to work in a supermarket and I would see lots of these mothers who never have to lift a finger yet get fed by taxpayer money.


  10. @mikey:
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. I really appreciate your unique perspective as a Mexican American. I think it gives incredible insight into this issue.


  11. What? says:

    The U.S. is not the only melting pot in the world, son. Mexico, like the U.S., has so much diversity: In the north there are many whites in the center there are whites too in the coasts there are blacks. Mexican is not a race it’s just a nationality.


    Michael Priceless Reply:

    @What?, First of all I’m not you’re son. I know who my father is and it’s not you. That sounds snappy, but it’s just a joke. LOL

    As far as your comment, I’ll refrain from responding since I wrote an essay long response covering this same exact question/statement to @coyote at the top of the comment thread. Check it out if you want my answer to this statement.


  12. John D. says:

    I just would like to point out that America don’t like illegal immigrants in general, just that illegal Mexicans are more disliked than others because they are closer to the United States which makes it easier for them to moved into the U.S. Yes, Americans were bad people because we took over what was part of Mexico in the 1800’s and what is current day West United States, but why do Mexicans keep pointing that out? That fact just frustrates me. I also agree with you that why it is required for us to speak Spanish in order to find a job in the area nowadays. I’m a Chinese College Student who moved here when I was 13, and I AM AN AMERICAN CITIZEN, I’ve already had a difficult time learning English, but I have to learn Spanish too? I have been unemployed for 9 months now since I’ve moved to Sacramento, and I’ve been rejected at all job interviews because it was required for me to know how to speak Spanish at those jobs. Don’t get me wrong, I have good Mexican friends, just that they came here the legal way and have become American citizens the same way I became a U.S. Citizen, just illegals make me upset. I’ve also heard that California schools are taking out the Latino/Mexican bubble out of STARR testing and other school testings and having them fill out the Whites bubble because there are way too many Mexicans in California now…


    Michael Priceless Reply:

    @John D., Hello John. Thank you for reading and commenting on this post. Many people try to pull the race card and say that people with our perspective are racist. Its not about racism. Its about the American culture coming under seige. No other country caves into other cultures demands. I lived in Germany when I was a young child. My mother tried to speak English and they did not tolerate it because it disrespects their culture. So she had to learn conversational German language. Why does America tolerate this? It must change!


    Vanessa Reply:

    ok, let’s have an intelligent conversation here. I’m an American citizen with a Mexican heritage. I promise I will not pull the race card. Like you, I do not support illegal immigration, but I find your reasons for it weak and selfish. Most illegal immigrants cross the border out of sheer desperation just to work unfair hours in exchange for unfair wages without the perks of citizenship, so relax; this ends up having a worse outcome caused by a misinformed decision. I believe this should be one of the main concerns, as opposed to ‘feeling’ ‘anxious’ about your country being ‘stolen’. Bluntly speaking, I’m sure you are aware that illegal immigrants do not have the means or influence to destroy American culture. Also, its hard for the Hispanic community to believe that this has nothing to do with ethnicity, since disrespect to our community based on stereotypes inspired by the less fortunate are somehow very tolerable. Finally, Mexico has problems but is a leader in major areas among its economic competitors, no need for the condescending tone. (The speaking English in Germany doesn’t apply because the USA defeated Germany in WWII and left them with a sense of resentment, while Mexico has only fed support, revenue, and traded goods to the USA, Spanish should NOT be insulting to you)


    Michael Priceless Reply:

    Thanks for reading and commenting on this article. I understand how you feel and can see that you’ve misunderstood a majority of everything I said. I can tell that you feel I’ve positioned an argument based on racial undertones or racial stereotypes. That couldn’t be any further from the truth and I’d advise you to read my other posts I’ve written about immigration.

    It will give you a more well-rounded understanding of exactly how I feel about the issue. In fact, if you read other posts I’ve written about this issue, you will find that I mention NUMEROUS times the bad end of the stick Mexicans have gotten from the U.S. When I discuss the issue of immigration on this blog, I discuss it from all angles.

    As to this statement you made (I’m sure you are aware that illegal immigrants do not have the means or influence to destroy American culture.) as well as other statements you’ve made, I’m sorry, but you are just plain wrong.

    Anyone can destroy a culture no matter how small or large the group of people are. I’d venture to say that many minorities have foolishly fallen into the trap of America that has made them to be the lower class of America. If you don’t believe that illegal immigrants are destroying American culture, then you simply don’t understand economics.

    If you study the economics of our health care industry, our public education system, and our industries, you will find that the influence of non-tax paying illegal immigrants has caused a major strain on the economic prosperity of many of America’s biggest industries.

    Are illegal immigrants the only one’s too blame? Absolutely not.

    Once again, if you read through all of my posts about this issue and not just this one, you will find that the major issue I have with minorities of all kinds (including my own minority – blacks) is that they allow themselves to be the lower-level of society.

    As I’ve said in this post and others, is there really anything wrong with illegal Mexican immigrants not taking up arms and fighting the political corruption to take their country back????

    That is a good thing, yet numerous people have demonized my perspective about this for some strange reason. Doing this would be honorable and heroic.

    America fought the British empire to free ourselves from Tyranny. Why can’t Mexicans do the same.

    Trust me… I want freedom, respect, and equality for Mexicans just like you do. I just believe they are going about it the wrong way. Coming to a country illegally and then complaining about your treatment is just the natural result of breaking the law.


    Juan P. Reply:

    @John D.,

    You could come down to the San Gabriel Valley area in California(ie. San Gabriel, Monterey Park, Alhambra, Temple City, Arcadia, Rosemead, Hacienda Heights, Rowland Heights, and more). There’s plenty of jobs that will only accept you if you speak Chinese :-)


  13. Vanessa says:

    Indeed, there seem to be a few misunderstandings between us. I can agree to disagree with you in some aspects, and I do not think or even suspect that your intentions are racist. For example, as I mentioned before I do not support illegal immigration, primarily because of the harsh consequences that await those who abandon all they have, little as it may be, to become less than blue collar employees in many cases.
    Truly, the federal assistance programs have a hard time as it is meeting the demand, and it would be extremely difficult to adjust their infrastructure to take into account waves of immigrants that do not have any documented history in this country. However, there is also the case for the large amount of revenue that illegal immigrants produce and to the best of my knowledge, a significant amount is payed in taxes. I understand that the extra expenses are not welcome, and may even be hurtful to the economy to some degree, but much much more blame than that corresponds to corrupt mega corporations that exploit people and resources without even the intention to repair their robbery or pay their corresponding taxes.
    Bottomline is… there is absolutely nothing wrong with believing that Mexico can and should fight for its own social and economic recovery. They fought for their Independence too, and got it. Then they fought to install democracy, and won. Their success (which I believe will happen slowly but surely if the next president they elect is a wise choice) would be the ideal solution for the violence and lack of employment that drive its citizens away. In the meantime, political honesty and help from the USA will be crucial.
    I just wanted to express how unfair it is to blame Mexicans alone for the problems you see in your community. Immigrants, illegal or not, come from several countries and singling out a particular nationality seems stereotypical and hostile. If this is not the way you feel, I suggest reconsidering the title of your post because it sounds like a justification for hatred.

    Thank you for replying


  14. GinaM says:

    You are a hateful racist, Mexico doesn’t have the same resources as America to stand on their feet as we do. Plus who are you to judge others? why do you think they would run away from their own country if they had an opportunity to fix it? Those people are desperate and plus when they come over here, they take the lowest paying jobs I would like to see you work in the place where none wants to work…


    Juan P. Reply:

    I don’t think Mr Priceless is a hateful racist. I think he’s just not fully informed. I also think he doesn’t fully understand that his way of trying to explain the illegal immigration situation WILL flare up more hate between whites and Latinos, and in doing so cause more division among people in the country.
    I used to think Obama was just a pretty talker, but when I heard John McCain say there was evidence the Arizona fires were caused by by illegal immigrants, thus pinning the blame on Mexicans without a person in custody to question, I realized how vital a well spoken leader is to this country. People need to be careful how things are said on public media so as to not cause more and more hate.
    I hope I’m explaining myself correctly


  15. Amy Braun says:

    Just wanted to point out USA doesn’t have a national language. Also, learn spanish. It’s a pretty easy language and you need to learn to go with the changing times, the fact is is that you need spanish especially if your living in a border state. Get over your self righteous ego and do something about it.


    Michael Priceless Reply:

    Do you think that Mexico is receptive to learning English? Hell No… They are not! And before you potentially make the assumption that I’m racist be sure to read my other articles about race relations. The biggest problem this country and all countries face is the degeneration of their basic functions. A country simply can’t allow an abundant influence to take over their entire culture. And F.Y.I… The reason English is and SHOULD REMAIN the dominant language in the U.S. and abroad is because it’s the language of business. If the U.S. begins to downgrade its most dominant language to become secondary or on the same level as Spanish, the English language will slowly but surely lose its dominant footing in the world and most importantly in business.


    Tom Reply:

    @Michael Priceless,

    I cannot believe I am reading what what you wrote two years later. I really hope someone has helped you with your issues. I am currently attending a university in Mexico City and almost everyone in the school can speak English without a problem. So to your question if Mexico is receptive to learning English. Obviously, along with the majority of the world. Secondly, where did Amy ever accuse you of being racist, honestly. Get your act together. English is obviously the universal language but that doesn’t mean you can not reach out to others in a language that touches their heart. I completly despise people like you that only know one language and refuse to learn other languages. I hope your beliefs have changed for the better in the last two years.


    Juan P. Reply:

    @Amy Braun,
    I agree with you Amy. The USA does not have an official language and That’s probably why you can find forms and applications of all kinds in all kinds of popular languages I’m the USA. Personally, I’d look at learning a new language as a great thing! But that’s just me. English will always be here. Its been established for hundreds of years. If you really want to worry about a language taking over, worry about the 2 billion Chinese speakers in the world. Not Spanish. I also agree, get with the times. I’ve been to many tutoring schools in the highly Chinese populated areas and I was impressed they were teaching all students Spanish. Instead of whining about it, they’re learning! Who do you think will have the advantage, the one that complains or the one that learned it?


    wat? Reply:

    @Juan P.,

    There aren’t 2 billion Chinese speakers. Estimates vary greatly, but most institutions estimate around 800-900 million Mandarin speakers. (Ethnologue estimated 840 million in China as of 2000. Most Chinese abroad speak Cantonese or a Cantonese dialect, by the way) There are a LOT of Chinese dialects, all of which are unintelligible to some degree. Good luck learning Mandarin when Foreign Service Institute diplomats take 3.5 times as many hours to learn Mandarin as comparatively easy romance languages.

    I also think that immigrants should learn English, but Spanish actually was in the Southwest US before English and in Florida before English as well, I believe. If we learned French and English, we would be a lot more competitive in the world. There are a lot of benefits to learning languages and a lot of informed economics/linguistics PhDs think that monolingual English speakers will be greatly disadvantaged in the future as English becomes a basic skill that everybody knows.


  16. Precious says:

    I absolutely do not support illegal immigration. Illegal Mexican immigrants are coming over in droves because their government is so messed up. They need to stay in Mexico and sort their own country out and start fighting for their rights. And as an African American, my ancestors were brought here by force and made to work for free. So I really don’t feel sorry for them having to do jobs that no one wants. At least their getting paid. Blacks have had to fight for all that we have in America today. If we can do it I’m sure they can too.


    Juan P. Reply:

    Oh your ancestors were brought here by force, eh? Well an enormous swath of land(nearly 50% of all of Mexico) was taken by force from a young new country that had not yet recovered from its war of independence from Spain. You may have heard of that swath of land; we know it as the American Southwest and California. Guess who lived on that swath of land; Mexicans! So all these Mexicans couldn’t just pick up and move south, and they were automatically US citizens.
    just so you know, Mexico was ahead of the game on slavery. It was a free country. The father of Mexican independence, Fr Miguel Hidalgo, himself said “death to any man who enslaves another!” So in aHUGE way, your people, the African Americans lost out. When Mexico lost Texas to the US, it ensured a new slave state part of the south.
    So to say nothing has been forced upon the people of Mexico really isn’t fair.


  17. ingli ONLY says:

    If people hate Mexicans it’s because of their actions. the massively disproportionate amount of crime they commit, welfare, destroying of neighborhoods, etc, the overall raping of society. Then when you combine it with their complete lack of appreciation, no patriotism, and all their loyalty is to their failure of a country..


  18. Juan P. says:

    Mr Priceless,
    Here’s a good article that gives good insight as to why Mexico is, after so many years, so messed up and why Mexicans keep coming and will never stop coming to the USA legally or illegally. Everyone has a natural built in resistance to “change” but change is coming. Read this article and you might understand that North America’s current situation is a result of USA imperialism and American capitalism. Don’t blame “Mexicans”. I hope you truly have an open mind, because if you don’t and have already made up your mind and are unwilling to accept historical facts, then its pointless, but here it is;


  19. Juan P. says:

    Oh and here’s some great news! Asians have surpassed Hispanics in immigration to the USA and they got their fair share of illegals. I work every day in the San Gabriel Valley of California and believe me, tons of them don’t speak English down here. Instead of bitching about it, I learned Mandarin Chinese to make my job easier.
    Now you can start a blog about how Asians are ruining this country! :-/


  20. Juan P. says:

    “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    First they came for the communists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.


  21. Huesca says:

    Hey I read your blog. I understand what you’re trying to say. But take me for example I’m illegal I’ve been living here since I was two, my parents brought me here illegally I pay taxes I went to school got a business degree and yet I’m oppressed by the laws here. Do you think this is fair? I have the same beliefs and customs as you . I am tryin to buy a home and get charged more interst and that is just about for everything , I end up paying more . I can’t get a drivers license for the simple fact that there is 9 numbers that makes you and I different. I dd not choose to come here but I am glad the choice was made for me. You are just saying Mexicans as a general population but I’m not the only one in this situation there is millions just like me! And you want us to go back to Mexico risk being killed and change a country that we don’t know? I find that ridiculous. Oh by the way I am 25.


    Juan P. Reply:

    huesca, as Mr Priceless said, YOU MUST FACE PUNISHMENT! ;-)
    Good luck to you. I hope you can get it sorted out and I wish you the best.





    juan p. Reply:

    @THUGGIN FORLIFE, now here’s a model US citizen speaking here. Just proves my point of the hate this kind of irresponsible careless blog posting creates and what kind of people feed off of this crap.


  23. Ryan says:

    That is well said. Pointing out the disease in the community is not wrong and a healthy practice.
    I am legal immigrant who travelled the world looking for an opportunity of improvement, in Germany you speak English and the people answer you in Duetch, in Russia they require you to learn the language before your application been looked at,
    But here in the states the land of freedom, you have to speak foreign language to be employed in an English speaking country.
    Do you believe that I am a Registered Nurse who have 12 years experience in level 1 trauma centers and can’t find a job simply because I don’t speak Spanish , and what makes me sad is that I went into discussion with Mexican decent nurse more than once, who are practicing an old dates low standard health services, and giving them the up to date US reference faced with unpolite answer. How can USA claim the highest level of healthcare standard with this massive bias and control by Mexican, not only that, I even applied for medi-cal and got rejected because after 2 years in the states I should be working and having income while others are enjoying the service and not paying taxes because they don’t declare the right income. I don’t know how I am gonna work if the hiring managers , social service officers are biased by their origin?


    Juan P. Reply:

    @Ryan, Ryan, no, I don’t believe you can’t find a job because you don’t speak Spanish, I really don’t believe that. With that kind of experience I believe there’s another reason they don’t want to hire you. I believe you’re blaming your own personal failure on Spanish because you think your perfect. Also, this discussion is about why America “hates” Mexicans, and not about, why America hates their health care system. Hospitals chose their policies and so do laws. Mexicans don’t arbitrate these things. You should focus on better ways to get a job rather than blaming others for your shortcomings.


    Ryan Reply:

    @Juan P.,
    What you believe is your own, but what I said is a true suffering from a sad reality that was created from taking advantage of the kindness and the great system and is still going by a majority of people who are raiding this country, to update you I found a job in a company that does not require Spanish speaking employee.
    anyways, I don’t have anything against hard working people from any race and any country who appreciate their job and working hard to build their future and support their families, but I do question why shall our taxes go on to support those who are abusing the system while they are rich enough to stand on their own.
    To conclude, I was shopping couple of days back and at the cashier line ahead of me a Mexican lady who was claiming Wic and foodstamp, she had an I phone 4G, wearing gold and at the parking lot I saw her loading her groceries and children in a 2012 Cadillac Escalade, Do you see why this blog has a big point?


  24. sped says:

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  25. Rachel says:

    Wow! You must have missed a whole chapter in your studies of the civil rights movement. The name Cesar Chavez should ring a bell. There are countless others such as Dr. Xicotencatl Garcia, a physician active in Chicano rights and the founder of the GI forum. Mexican-Americans, as is stated in a previous post, are a mixed race. They are indigenous to this land. Just as “North America” had its Native Americans, so did Mexico. A great portion of Texas was once part of Mexico and Spain for that matter. Spanish is the status quo in great regions of this country. English is simply a myriad of different language roots. Spanish is an older Latin tongue. Just as many African-Americans were trying to “buy back their 40 acres,” I think it was, Mexico was also affected by land treaties not honored by the US government. I can go on and on, but programs like the Bracero program enabled Mexicans to legally work and reside in the United States. Then, they were thrown back. Regardless, this land is founded in Mexican-American culture. To be ignorant of the music, religious and philosophical influence of this diverse and vast people, is to be blind. I am a proud Chicana. My parents were born in the legal US, and their first language was Spanish. They overcame the racism of the latter part of the twentieth century to learn English better than many native speakers of the language. My father has two master’s degrees and stopped just short of his doctorate’s. Despite many racist mentors along his path, he didn’t fall for the lie. He used his determination and strong work ethic to achieve his truly transcendent American dream.


  26. Hey says:

    I completely disagree with the article. It is misinformed and biased, you have never experienced a fraction of how hard it is to live in other countries like Mexico. You have misconstrued the fact that you were asked to be bilingual as a problem created by illegals, I can tell you from experience that in Northern Mexican states such as Chihuahua one is expected to fully understand and speak English, obviously not because of the immigration of Americans to Mexico but because its useful to speak a second language. I suggest that if you want that job learn Spanish it won’t be only useful in your job but life in general. I also disagree with your opinion of how immigrants are to blame for economic problems. I am now a legal immigrant but I was once an “illegal alien”, you will never know what is like to not be protected by this constitution, pay as an illegal immigrant is worse than unfair yet they still work diligently and better than any American born citizen could ever. The “help” that you say illegals receive is nothing more than a discounted jug of milk when they have a newborn baby, and they surely work for that,they pay sales taxes and much more. If you want to blame anyone for the sudden economic downfall, blame the lazy American born citizens that don’t take advantage of the thousands of free oportunities to be successful and yet they still take unemployment checks.


  27. Dora says:

    This was a well written article, and I agree with it.

    The people saying that others are racist are ridiculous. First off, they don’t know the meaning of racism….because if they did, they would not be throwing that word around when referencing illegal aliens. The racism card is used to victimize these people and force Americans to give in to their demands, nothing more.

    I can understand that life in Mexico can be hard. But guess what? Mexicans aren’t the only ones facing hardships. How many countries out there aren’t facing corruption, and wars and problems with drugs and violence? That doesn’t justify these illegal aliens from crossing over, it just doesn’t. How many people all over the world aren’t wishing for a better life? Hello! All of us do. But there’s a due process to follow.

    To top it off they come over and feel entitled to make demands on America and on American taxpayers when they aren’t citizens. If they want America to give them respect, then respect US first by following our laws. Breaking our laws and then crying wolf isn’t going to get Americans on your side.


  28. Bryan says:

    Is it really about changing the “American” way of life that makes “Americans” hate Mexicans? You just make it sound like ALL Mexicans are the same. I’m also in the same situation as Huesca. Some of us were brought to this country not by choice and grew up as “Americans” but were still treated as the ones who refuse to assimilate. My family never had welfare and my father actually paid taxes and could speak proper english and yet all the “Americans” always looked down upon us like as if we’re going to sell drugs to their kids. I used to dream about joining the U.S. Army to help protect the country that raised me when I didn’t even know the country I was born in existed, but when issues like this are brought up by uninformed bigots it really makes me have second thoughts on everything I ever believed in.


  29. wat? says:

    Check your facts. The US doesn’t have an official official language. Many states, like 30 or 32 have elected English as their official language but that is only for the states.

    In fact, Louisiana has French as one of its two official languages and Hawaii has Hawaiian as an official language.


  30. thuggin forlife says:



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    They’re very convincing and can definitely work.
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    Could you please lengthen them a bit from subsequent time?
    Thank you for the post.


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  33. alex says:

    Great article.

    The most mind-blowing aspect of this phenomenon is the mentality of these migrants. They have a deep-seated belief that they “belong” in America. This belief can be justified a number of ways. There is the argument that ‘life was hard’ in Mexico. Then there is the argument that states like California were once Mexican territory. Numerous posts made here, especially the one made by Huesca, offer an excellent illustration this mindset. Unfortunately for Huesca and her compatriots, this belief that they have a right to America is where the confusion lies.

    In the American mind, it doesn’t matter if your illegal border crossing occurred as a toddler, or if you speak English, or that you have attained a bachelor’s degree. What we care about is that you are an illegal immigrant. In the American mindset, the fact that you illegally settled in our country trumps all of your other arguments.

    Despite this, migrants like Huesca continually express the fundamental belief that they have some sort of claim to America. Ironically enough, it is this very belief in itself which indicates that you carry a foreign culture. And ironically enough, it is this belief which displays that you have failed to understand one of the core beliefs of the country you inhabit.


  34. Abigail says:

    Very good article! I stumbled across this article after a debate in class when one of our Hispanic classmates was tooting the “illegals have rights too!” horn and said ” there’s lots of different nations who’ve immigrated, why is it only the Mexicans that are hated?” I looked up that question and wish I could have read it to her! But of course I think she would have become offended and the class of mostly mexicans would have gone to their usual tired excuses such as “they do the jobs no one else would” ( as if our country was overrun with unpicked fruits and veggies and lofty Americans standing around waiting for illegals to come and do the job!) I’ve asked some recently immigrated Chinese friends why they decided to immigrate, they told me harrowing accounts of a government that would destroy any one with thoughts that differed from their own, same with India acquaintances, I’ve poised this question to several mexicans and the answer each time was that it’s easier to be poor here! This is why Americans don’t like mexicans. We don’t like failure and they are the nation that failed. They’ve failed economically, they failed IMO as a society (any nation or culture that have no shame about taking and asking for freebies and charity are failures. Not to say that every other nation or culture has it’s share of people like that, but when you add that they get it for people who aren’t even citizens it adds to the feelings of bitterness towards them as a nation.


  35. Mike says:

    Don’t know if this has been mentioned or not yet, but English is not America’s national language. Unlike many other countries, we don’t have a national language. That was a quality that the writers of the constitution deemed unnecessary, for whatever reason they had at the time. We also don’t have a national religion or a national ethnicity, although some would see it otherwise. See, the problem with modern social-Darwinist rhetoric like this is that much of it comes from people who can’t even get their basic facts straight. But I guess it was just one of the things I remembered most from elementary school, because it struck me, because it made sense to me not to require all people of a nation to speak and think in the same way, because what the hell is a nation, anyway? There are no nations – nations are nothing but political boundaries. They aren’t decided by the common person, who must live by them. Political boundaries in this country are what divide the people, and a people who are so easily divided are easy to summarily conquer. And we are a conquered people. We are slaves to a capitalist experiment that has succeeded only in securing the aims of those who have been steadily engineering it against the working man, since the concept of currency was concieved. We are living under a one-party corporate fascism that masquerades as a democratic government, and most of us don’t even know it. Yes, the Liberals are guilty of using a welfare system to cripple minorities, to keep them in a cycle of misery generation after generation; you see it in the Indian Nations, you see it in the African-American community, and from a position of relative financial security, people look towards people stuck in that cycle and call them weak. The Conservatives are just as guilty: they have allowed the power in this country to be consolidated in the hands of the rich and influential, and ironically these people who assert that Jesus is white and He is your saviour see it fit to support the destruction of the Earth which supports all life as we know it, when the very first commandment of their Bible compels them to be stewards over the land. These are people who use Darwin’s ‘natural selection’ to justify the capitalist machine, but deny his theory of evolution because it proposes that over time, life inevitably breaks down the black/grey/white tones and shows us a diversity of new colors. But the old paradigm is dying; people everywhere are realizing that competition is not the rule of Nature- rather, it is the exception. Biological symbiance is already sprouting up in cities across the country where people unite regardless of differences in class or race or creed because they realize that the more food they can grow on rooftops, the more people can leave behind the destitute life they were sold in that shiny package labelled “The American Dream.” A new Earth is forming, and it’s being created by people who believe that Whites, Blacks, Mexicans, Women, Gays, Lesbians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and Christians are all fundamentally HUMAN, and in doing what Humans are best at – learning to solve problems and remembering to care for one another – we can become a new nation that does not need boundaries or banks. So keep clutching at your old world, struggling with your pale and malnourished fingers for control; if at the end, you decide to join us, we will always be offering forgiveness and a helping hand. Becuase that is what good humans do.


  36. Gail says:

    There is and will always be people who choose to hate and opress others – it is simply their nature. Now that hating the black man is socially off the table, Mexicans are the next easiest target. I am in support of controlled immigration but not the vile and hate that is pervasive in the USA against illegal Mexican immigrants. These same people hate Muslims, Catholics, and the list goes on. Most people I know who are so comfortable with this hatred are typically of the far religious right mind set? Enough excuses!


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