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Why Microsoft SUCKS! Confessions From an Ex-Employee 45


Microsoft is so crappy. They remind me of that old guy in the room that always says, “Back in my day…” I can’t stand people/businesses who insist on keeping things “business as usual.” They never progress or move forward. It’s classic Corporate America and it’s lame.

For the longest time I tried so hard to stick it out with Microsoft and PC’s. I felt like the Apple’s of the world were just for zombified status-symbol loving freaks… And for many Apple people that’s exactly what they are. However, once you get beside that, Apple makes far superior products and it’s because of the cultural difference within their company.

Former Microsoft project manager Hamilton Verissimo describes his reasons for leaving based largely in part to the inadequacy of Microsoft’s company culture.

A company who manages from the top down instead of allowing its people to be creative and use their skills, talents, and abilities they were hired for is a company that always loses in the end, as their management style will always reflect their product/services.

In an email interview with Zdnet’s Mary Jo Foley, Verissimo had this to say about Microsoft:

Gross inefficiency: “It’s a very inefficient company, with very little or nothing being done to make it better. MS has small windows of actual product development (new code being written) followed by long period of stabilization.”

Managers push busywork: “For PMs [program managers], like me, some manager pushes idiot time consuming exercises like scenario validation…two months to produce collateral that is bound to be useless in six months, since everything is likely to change.”

Lots of talk, little coordination: “Since MS has a performance review system that values ‘individual’ contributions over team work, everybody want to make impact on everything. Another way to read it is that everybody wants to voice opinions and suggestions and drive them to execution, which commonly lead to mutually exclusive ideas….That leads to dysfunctional products….One thing that really frustrated me was that those random suggestions come from intuition, instead of actual scenarios/facts/data, and commonly show how disconnected MS employees are from the real world.

He also says he could only imagine staying at the company if Steve Ballmer and HR head Lisa Brummel had resigned.

Every product group is managed differently, and disgruntled employees obviously don’t represent the only version of the truth. But these complaints — bureaucracy, poor middle management, and lack of coordination — come up all the time from current and former employees

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There are 45 comments for this post

  1. Fred says:

    I agree. Microsoft sucks, and especially their Windows OS.

    I am trying to get an external HDD to work on Windows and it just doesn’t work.

    Freedom when it comes to hardware / software mix just doesn’t work. Android sucks too.

    Everything that could go wrong trying to get the external HDD connected has gone wrong. I have tried EVERYTHING. It’s time to smash some fucking skulls together of the designers of these products. Toshiba, Acer and Microsoft need a good fucking kicking. If I knew where these individuals lived who designed these products I really would physically beat the living crap out of them and be willing to go to jail for a couple of years. It would be worth it. Fuck it.


    Jake irvin Reply:

    @Fred, WUhhhhh…
    I hate MS Windows, and I use Linux, but really its kinda your fault you cannot get an external
    hard drive to work. And whats with the bashing of Toshiba and Android… Both are good (not perfect)

    “Freedom when it comes to hardware / software mix just doesn’t work. Android sucks too.”
    That makes no sense. So you hate Microsoft AND Open source stuff!?!?!?


    Joe Finsterwald Reply:

    So you’re saying that Microsoft has worse driver support than Linux? Have you ever used Linux?


    servergms Reply:


    Ya micro$oft suckzz! but you must hand it to them. Gates was great at narketing.
    He knows nothing about software! as we all know he bought his softwaRe for $50,000
    down the street and made it into billions by naeketing NOT the software end



  2. Broady Boyz says:

    They even stole the kinect idea & tried to sell it 4 money which sucks


  3. Broady Boyz says:

    1 thing Microsoft is SHIT


  4. Shadow Assasin says:

    I recon all Microsoft wants is “Money” & to steal other people’s ideas


  5. Walrus1911 says:

    Windows is terrible. And if I already hate it on a desktop, why would I want it on a phone? Xbox 360 is alright. Better than PS3. If you want a computer that simply works, invest in a Mac. You wont regret it.


  6. ok folks here it is simple and plain…
    microsoft sucks. sucks ass. sucks like a sucky thing that fell out of a sucky tree and hit every sucky branch on the way down and was sucked into a black hole.


    Kevin P Reply:

    @MS Sucketh Biggeth Dicketh, Oh that is priceless. LMFAO hahaha that was graaaaaate, I am still chuckling, OMG to funnty


  7. nic says:

    I don’t like it. The whole set up is terrible full of holes and frustrating. Its like they tried to make it not user friendly, slow and easily, hacked or compromised. Congrats on a job well done.


  8. Thanks for the comments guys. Great conversation!


    Joe Finsterwald Reply:

    The crux of your article is that Microsoft has shitty management. I think most people who have worked with Microsoft, or for Microsoft would support that position. I also think that Microsoft is missing a product focus. That said I don’t think that most of the comments for this post would qualify as a conversation–they’re mostly just parroting standard anti-Microsoft propaganda. I do agree that Microsoft has some serious issues that need to be addressed, but most of the comments here seem uninformed. Specifically, how does Microsoft’s OS suck?


  9. alex says:

    everything i bought from them sucked a child could run the company better than the people right now


    Michael Priceless Reply:

    I totally agree. Thanks for reading my post and thanks for commenting.


    brandon Reply:

    even 0 year olds can run better companys


  10. Jim says:

    They DID come up with a passable antivirus product, i.e. Microsoft security essentials. On the other hand, it doesn’t do anything with rootkits. I pointed this out 100 times on some ms antivirus forum. I wondered why kaspersky puts out a free product that does clean up rootkits, and microsoft, with all its resources, doesn’t.

    I point this out because it is typical of ms products. They do a good job in some respects, but never a good enough job. The end result is something that works just well enough to be frustrating! I think terrible corporate management, as this page points out, just might explain it….


  11. microsloth says:

    I have one word for you all ” LINUX “.


    George Reply:

    BullShit Bitch . Linux cant be used by everyone .


    KIRSTI LEE Reply:

    @George, Didn’t you mean Linux can be used by anyone BUT brain dead CRAPPLE users?


  12. comebackmini says:

    Microsoft has cancer… and its spreading from the top down. The senior leadership team needs a reboot. The new performance system is deliberate. Designed to retire anyone who is: over 40, +9 years of tenure, and any individual that has insight into how crooked the company is at its core. The recent turnover should speak volumes if anyone has been paying attention to the exodus. The rotation at the top of the food chain is just fascinating. Featured this month Robert Youngjohns!! He is not retiring folks. Departing for a company with less dysfunction.

    Microsoft is betting the bank on Windows 8. The problem is all the hype is coming only from MSFT. No one wants a product that was born from a reaction induced by Apple! That’s not innovation people.


  13. Martins says:

    I stumbled upon this page by typing 2 words in Google Search: “Microsoft Sucks” :D
    …after I couldn’t open my simple MS Word document anymore without any obvious reason or expanation :) I mean wtf :)


    brandon Reply:

    me too awesome


  14. black says:

    I almost cannot read anything one this page because everything is in grey!
    that sucks!

    (can you see me?I don’t)


  15. Microsoft Sucks says:

    Well lets see they always release unfinished sofware..Vista was the number one screw up..It did not even work right until it got 60 updates plus…Then along came Xbox red ring of death and that they tryed to blame the people for that one…Oh there is nothing wrong with it..Yeah sure…..If microsoft sold cars they would sell them unfinished then maybe in about a year they would give you the rest of the parts…Everything about this company is a rip off…And then they cancel Flightsim X and lay off lots of people..This was one of there first programs and they can it…What gets me is that our government lets them get away with murder..This company should be shut down…Just selling unfinished products is a crime…And selling defective Xboxes that they knew were bad to the public..This company is scum…


  16. Fred says:

    I just opened for my news and now I can’t get at the web page because I now have to sign in. I am sick of my browsers being hacked by the same folks that designed it. Google is just as bad. Microsoft is a company that doesn’t get it. They design a product and sell them for a premium for the consumer to test. That’s right we the consumer is really the experts in the end product, why do you think it’s called End User… I am fed up spending tons of money on Microsoft products… If you build a machine with just Microsoft software you expect it to work, yeah right, it won’t preform properly, and you would think that Microsoft products would be flawless together, huh! Microsoft needs to change and I doubt that will ever happen…


  17. brandon says:

    this company is just narrow minded adults trying to scam little kids and make them think there mature just because they are playing xbox i mean microsoft fucking brainwash my best friend and now hes a frikin dick to everyone just because he owns an xbox360 and plays halo and call of shit.i hate microsoft because their curupting 12 year olds with their lame ass xcockthreeshitty i hate microsoft so very very very very very veey very much


  18. [...] my opinion Mickeysoft is a cancer.  Its whole business model is a fraud.  Its managed to infect the whole [...]

  19. Steve St.Stevens says:

    I got here by typing “Microsoft Sucks” while doing the Bing Challange. There is the problem, they have never create anything, they only follow after someone else creates. I have been making living on Microsoft for 17 years and even then they had no vision. Let take Windows NT 4 (For us who go way back) There was a piece of work! Where do I start? TCP/IP was a secondary implementation! DNS? what was that for we have WINS! it was a non scalable piece of crap. They promised us Windows 2000 (AKA Cairo) in 96′ we got it in 2000 called, yep Windows 2000! Chock full of new innovative things like,,,,, Well, you know everything the Unix world has had since the beginning. I could go on about how they bought IE because they missed the boat on the internet boom, and countless other stupid moves. But I really have to say Windows 8 is the absolute biggest POS I have ever used and I have been in the IT field for almost 20 years. It is bulky, laid out completely confusing, makes no sense and YEP, they are trying to grab the Apple idea of the app store. LOL. Ok, I have been a Windows admin for what seems forever and I can’t seem to get Windows 8. Let me say this, I AM NOT A MAC FANBOY but I bought one and wow there is really not a lot to have to figure out, it JUST WORKS. I made the mistake one day to help a good friend of mine attempt to setup a midi controller in Windows 7. I did it in 5 mins on my Mac, 6 hrs later after finding drivers and purchasing software it was a joke. Don’t get me wrong I did that shit so much for so many years that I thought that was just how you did it, but it is just real nice when things just work. Last of all and back to the point, if someone up there in the helm of MS doesn’t get their shit together FAST they will fall it is not an if but only a when. Gates should go in there and start to bust some heads because this BING Challenge says it all. “We have to advertise we are the same because we can innovate”! There is more creativity in a pack of smokes then in all of Microsoft, it high time they figure that out. My 2 cents..


  20. Jimbeaux says:

    MS’s problem is that Gates never intended the company to be innovative, but just profitable. MS had a lock on the market for the most part, and Gates gave people what HE wanted, and screw it if they didn’t like it. Kind of like GM, MS was a dinosaur right out of the gate, and needed only a more nimble and intelligent competitor to send it reeling. As long as Ballmer is running MS, this will continue. YouTube his name and see how many times he derides an Apple product, which product then becomes a huge seller, and which MS then tries (and fails) to copy to see what a loser he is. Ballmer is the guy who never gets the beautiful girl because he never realizes that he is a big, dumb, bald ninny who thinks he’s a stud. He thinks MS is a “stud” too, even as the pretty girl runs away with an Apple.


  21. p says:

    MS sucks and so does w8.
    My next PC will be a MAC


  22. Harvey says:

    The words “Microsoft” and “support” should not be used in the same sentence


  23. Anonymous says:

    My most recent frustration with Microsoft is 2-part. First, they just totally lack common sense. I was having trouble with my internet, so I fired up the troubleshooter and clicked on Offline help. (Offline, right, cuz I don’t have no freakin internet). EVERY RESULT that came up was online. Go online to figure out why you can’t go online?! Yeah, that works for me.

    My second frustration was that if I wanted to contact them to point out this stupidity, I had to pay. I’m trying to help you point out flaws in your product, so you can make it better, and I have to go through all kinds of hassle to do?! Yeah, I’ll get right on that. They’re as bad as Adobe, which I think is really saying something.


  24. fukms says:

    fuk MS for sure.
    I would love to see cockfaggot B. Gates
    do a fresh install of win7 and get the ethernet card to work.

    if you dont have the driver disk, you will need to install linux to make the machine connect to the internet to download the drivers for your net card….a vanilla install of winfuckshit7 doesnt have a default working driver for ethernet card – so you need another working machine to breath life in to this fucking piece of shit.

    fuck windows


  25. kim says:

    Everything on my computer is NSA hacked into, Blocks everywhere because I found them all over in my computer. Microsoft does nothing to fix my computer. It says its a x32 when it is a x64 same on my laptop an vista . lWon’t update, no volume, no youtube, no email. BLOCKED. MIC SUCKS


  26. kim says:

    I OWN 3 LAPTOPS, 3 WINDOWS 7 DESKTOP AN A vISTA, I FIND THAT each one of my computers has all the other computers I own downloaded on them. Could it be because the NSA still has there backdoor key. Why Yes they do. They are destroying my computers as I speak. Does Mic know about this, Why yes, Im sure they do. Now tfu never again will I buy Microsoft EVER


  27. Jim says:

    You often see a lack of common sense with Microsoft. Here’s an example. I installed Visual Studio 2005 (yes it’s now 2013 but I needed an old version to work with an old program because of lack of backward compatibility). LOL.

    So of course there was an issue– I EXPECT issues with ms now– and the advice from google was simply to reinstall the installation. Well, I had installed it from a virtual drive that was no longer mounted on my pc. The uninstall failed, with some arcane error message relating to net framework 2.0. There was never a message asking me to insert the Dvd I installed from. They did show the error log file, and it said something about expecting the installation files to be on drive z. So I remounted the installation files on drive z, and the repair succeeded.

    The thousand dollar question is this: Why didn’t the program ask me for the original installation path if it needed it to successfully uninstall?

    Oh, and the reinstallation didn’t fix the problem…


  28. Jim says:

    Yep, it’s been my experience that almost half the time ms programs will fail at least in part. I write programs myself, and my programs are almost always INITIALLY buggy. I do my best to work the bugs out before they get to the user.

    But with a company the size of ms, you would think they’d make an effort to do some testing and peer review – quality control- before they inflict their stuff on us.

    And as my last post said, use a little common sense. I’m not saying I always do but with a company the size of ms….

    I have no trouble believing that ms is out of touch and poor at teamwork (uncoordinated) , as the article suggests.


  29. Steven says:

    The idiots who thing macs are good? Apple overprices garbage. Its like selling trash for a premium price so it looks pretty. LINUX OS Will take over… Valve is going to make it happen. :) Microsoft will destroy Windows gaming because it hurts xbox gaming as we have been seeing in Windows 8.1…


  30. John says:

    So true! thanks for the article.


  31. Jef says:

    I have tried to stay by MS. I respected what Bill Gates built and his contributions around the world. BUT I have 3 laptops and each one has had some frustrating issues that are software related. I used to be able to go to the MS community blog and post my issues and there were people that responded and gave good help to get my issue fixed. Now I post and don’t get any response. I have attempted to call MS. They just don’t care about their customers anymore. Maybe this is there transition out of consumer markets. I don’t know. But I think my next purchase with be non-MS based product. I give up. BTW I am a PM too and am shocked at the number of patches and the often issues these update patches cause on their customers….like me


  32. TC says:

    Totally agree with everything OP said, and then some… I worked for Bing for about 6 months and it was the biggest trainwreck I’ve ever been party to. Relieved to have found a better opportunity…


  33. Bradley says:

    Yes, I agree that Apple is a little expensive to start off in, but it will cost you less money in the long run when it comes to software and updates.

    MS mades some huge mistakes these last few years with their choices with OS upgrades. Why they made such dramatic changes confuses me. They had a great product with XP and screwed that up with Vista. Windows 7 is an alright product and screwed that up with Window 8. Why didn’t they just take XP and expand upon that (i.e. update the UI, security, and features). It confuses me on why they must completely redesign the OS and frustrate their customers. I won’t lie my household switched to Mac when the Developer Preview of Windows 8 was released and yes I still run Windows virtually on my Mac for those programs that have to run Windows (e.g. Visual Studio). I was also tired of having to work to make things work at home. I do it enough at my actual job. Don’t get me wrong, if you run a Mac Server there will still be times that you have to do some work at home, but not very often. A couple of times the power went out and the server wasn’t on a UPS yet and screwed up my OpenDirectory, it only took 2hrs to reinstalled all software and set it back up. MS it would have taken about 8hrs.

    For those that say Linux, do CrApple users even know how to use it? Quick tip for you, Linux and OS X both, at their core, are Unix based. Instead of bashing someone for their choice of OS, why not, provide a valid reason on why you chose the OS you did and let them make the choice on what to use.


  34. thomas says:

    my name is thomas from orange county ca and i agree with all the above, microsoft stinks from the head like a dead fish, their arrogant, rude and think their better than the rest of us. i hate them and windows.


  35. Erked says:

    I hate Microsoft with a rage that burns hotter than a billion stars exploding at once… now, I will finally go learn twitter just to hate them more effectively.


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