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Woman Falls In Mall Fountain From Texting Sues The Mall [VIDEO] 2

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A few days ago I made a post entitled: Woman Falls Into Fountain From Texting [Video]. Since then, this video has gone viral! So viral, that this lady is suing the mall because she’s upset that mall security was poking fun at her and didn’t come to her aid.

This woman also says she’s embarrassed because she works at the mall and now everyone their has seen her and the video.

Ok… So this has got to be the most f**king┬áRIDICULOUS and frivalous law suit I have seen in years! Common sense says that if you’re suing the mall because mall security overexposed you for the whole world to see, why would you come on the national news, give your name, replay the video, and let the whole world know exactly who you are and what you look like???

If this lady would have kept her mouth shut, the only people who would have known about the incident would have been the people who saw her, instead of the entire country who now knows her name and face.

It is obvious this lady is looking to cash in. If she had a brain, she would have used her 15 minutes of fame and parlayed it into short-lived internet fame. If I was her, I would have contacted every major media source after the video went viral, fessed up to being the idiot who fell into a fountain from walking and texting, and I would have sold tshirts, bumper stickers, and even teamed up with someone like The Gregory Brothers to remix the video and make me a Youtube celebrity.

This lady is a social reject! I hope to GOD she loses this case.

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  1. Seems she started the escapade with ignorance and stupidity so it only stands to reason, she should finish with the same.


  2. Very good observation Jimmy and well said!


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